Thursday, November 25, 2010

Highlights of my Thanksgiving week off!

I did it! I ran 7 miles in the obstacle race known as Living History Farms Race!

Ok my team "This isn't a 5k?!" walked a lot of it. It was (literally) freezing temperatures. And we had to wade through 6 creeks. And dodge deer. Unfortunately no scrambling over monstrous hay bales as I was hoping but it lived up to my expectations pretty well. People had some fantastic costumes so we are doing it next year and dressing up, but having warm costumes because seriously it took a full 1/2 hr for my hands to even begin to get feeling back in them. I can't imagine how the people who had bathing suits on (or less) felt. Crazies! There were some dudes who had camelbacks full of some kind of alcohol...they didn' t wade through the creeks-they did face-plants and back-falls into them-not on purpose. Soaking from head to toe in muddy (FREEZING!) water. We saw one of the guys at the end...he seriously looked like death.
My ankle held up really well considering the uneven terrain we were running through-aka dead cornfields and streams- and the only injuries I sustained were some bruised shins from scrambling up banks on my hands and knees and a nice scalp wound from a thorny bush I did a headbutt into. Scabs in your hair feel really weird. Not bad for someone as un-graceful as me.

Pics are on Facebook, I didn't bring my camera with me for good reason, it would've been broken within 10 minutes. My fav costumes included the hoard of zombies, 2 diff pacmen, and one guy had a shirt that said I have to poop and he had rolls of toilet paper all over him.

My friend Morgan came to visit for a few days which was totally awesome! I was a bit worried about trying to keep her entertained here in Iowa since I know most people don't think of it as a super exciting place. Highlights: bowling, Harry Potter, Des Moines: free art museum, ice skating outside (!!) where we were the oldest people by like 10 years who didnt have little children, yummy food and of course HANGING OUT WITH ME! :) One day I planned out a 10 hour roadtrip (I cut it down from 49 hours) around mid east portion of Iowa seeing all sorts of beautiful roadside attractions like the tallest double railroad bridge, a 80 ft tall rusty wheel structure built by a 90 yr old, largest frying pan, lg metal corn cob, dark angel in a cemetary which has a death curse when you kiss her (still waiting), big cow, 2/3 of a bridge, community of flags, and replica of a star trek ship. Ames itself has 3: world's largest gnome, largest pitchfork, and large metal woman's head (creepy). Pictures are once again on fb-I am too lazy to put them on here too :)

Doesn't that make you wanna visit me?! If you do, theres still a TON of roadside jems I want to discover!! Most of them were really in the middle of NOWHERE and it got a little worrisome sometimes and Iowa really is kinda ugly in the winter before the snow and once all the corn is dead/chopped down but we still had a lot of fun. We weren't huge fans of the "freezing rain"-seriously if its gonna be cold and wet just snow already! I can't believe the Pac NW got snow before us!

This is my second year in a row spending Thanksgiving with strangers although this one and the last weren't even in the same universe as far as fun times go. I guess I can't even call them was full of my new friends and fantastic food and a loooong awesome game of cranium. I am so thankful to be where I am with people here and around the world I can call my friends. And also a little less than a month til I am home, which I am really excited about! Also my cat's deserve a thank you for not pissing on anything recently and being good cuddlers when I'm missing home/company. I am starting to feel super guilty about leaving them for 3 wks during the break. :/

Hope everybody had a great fun and food filled thanksgiving too! Thanks for reading and acting interested in my life and thoughts :)

Thursday, November 4, 2010


It's been a while...October was an intense month but with the beginning of November I am looking at 4 glorious weeks without a single test!!! We've been a bit slammed and it culminated Thurs night-I was up til 4:30 am to get up at 6:30-I didn't have it in me to pull an all-niter studying for respiratory histology. Hopefully I did alright, but at this point I can't generate enough energy to care :)

My favorite holiday, Halloween, is technically over :( but I get to dress up one last time today for a "Be Green" party put on by 2 clubs-they are renting out a floor in a dance club and want people to recycle old costumes. Unfortunately, my old costume parts did not make the cross-country trek with me and I don't know if I feel like being a zombie again (more on that in a bit). So my friends and I have decided to go as things we have learned about in class-I love being surrounded by people as nerdy as me!! I'm going as brush-border which is the epithelium (lining) of the intestines- basically cells with little fringes, interspersed with goblet cells which excrete mucous for protection (water guns!!) I'll make sure to put up pics, but I am pretty excited about it! :)
Last weekend a group of friends and I went as zombies-it was awesome. I loved getting all gory...totally beat out the cute costumes in my book. and I am SOOOOOOOOOOO sick of all the slutty creativity and chosen based on how much skin they show. Gross. And it goes for boys too, I dont need to see all your junk either. Plus its really cold here! So heres the best pictures of us I think...

Yea we rocked those costumes! As we got out of the car some group of guys walked by and where like "Good LORD!" so thats when I knew we were good. The pirate was supposed to be a zombie too but backed out earlier...she did dance with a lot more boys than we did...zombie outfit/makeup isn't the best way to pick up boys... ahah big surprise I know. We had some drunk boy convinced it was real blood too which was awesome.

I was pretty disappointed I missed Dia de los Muertos since that is my favorite part of fall in Tucson but ...someday I will be back and do it again.

I got really excited the other day because I found some cheap pomegranates and remembered last year at about this time I got to pick them fresh of trees on my 6 mile hike to and from the town and my wildlife sanctuary on the top of the Greek Island. Life was pretty simple while I was there and sometimes I miss being there, it was a really beautiful place (the island, not the wildlife place) but I wouldn't trade my life right now for anything. Its just funny to think of my state of mind a year ago, there is no way I would've imagined I'd be living in a trailer next to the vet school I am going to in IOWA. NO WAY. Life can be so strange sometimes. :) Hope all of you had a great Halloween/dia de los muertos and have a great weekend!