Friday, February 4, 2011


They have a saying here about finals- "bend over here it comes again" which just kinda made me uncomfortable because I'm not a big fan of people using rape or anal as a joke since it can be pretty serious stuff to people. But looking at this semester...if I were to use expressions like would definitely apply.
Just finished my first test of the semester and have to gear up for the next one this week and the next week for that test etc...we have a test every week this semester from now on besides during spring break (yay!) and one week mid April. Which pretty much means I can never actually relax. Well thats the idea-but knowing me, I'll be able to fit in plenty of procrastination. I'm doing pretty well at that so far! I dont want to complain about school too much so I'll just say: it is ridiculous how fast you can get behind, like 1-2 days of not listing intently or studying when I get home and BAM! Suddenly I'm a week behind in 3 classes and have to study for a big ol test. Besides the weekly tests though, classes are seeming to get better and more interesting and for that I am thankful. I still absolutely love it and couldn't think of anything I'd rather be doing.

Some highlights I've done since last time:

SNOWBOARDING?! I honestly did NOT think Iowa had big enough hills-but it does! They are in the next town over and totally adorable and short but since I kinda(totally) suck, it was pretty much perfect. And some of my friends are new to it too so we were able to fall together and compare sweet colorful bruises. And I learned about why our bruises are the colors they are and why they change colors today in pathology-pretty cool!

"Sincerest form of flattery party" Sharon and I came up with the idea to dress as our classmates/professors while we were in Missouri a few weeks ago and we made it happen. It was a total success with people being hilarious but not really mean about their impressions. Although it took over an hour of hardcore cleaning the next day to make the trailer livable and I had to deal with a puddle of urine on my bed/floor (from a friend who passed out in my bed I think-there was too much pee for just a cat), it was totally worth it and really fun.

Tie-back procedure: I went to a wet-lab on Sunday at school and got to learn about actual horse-racing cases from a vet and do a tie-back procedure on a cadaver horse larynx (it is the start of the trachea) where you suture back a cartilage chunk that has been paraylzed. It was pretty awesome and made me really excited for our surgery class during the third year!

Not so fun but definitely different-my car got stuck in snow, trying to pull back into my parking space! They do clear the roads/parking areas of snow but since I'm usually parked in the same space all the time, the snow just builds up around me and I definitely had to spend 10 minutes shoveling the snow around and out from underneath my little car to get it to move. Sometimes I miss my Jeep :(

I think thats about it for recent exciting things, I should probably get back to studying.... :/