Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Who am I???

Alright so this semester has been a crazy one in regards to school. I've been in a definite funk lately from the chronic stress of weekly tests, projects, quizzes, readings and such. Also, I was also just getting really sick of most people here not accepting me with regards to the vegetarian thing. I felt like I was always having to explain myself and had to be careful what I could say because so many large animal people get all defensive the minute I say I'm not a fan of meat. I never realized that my choices about what I eat could be so offensive and such a big deal to someone else. Its totally ridiculous. So basically I just really haven't felt like myself and been cranky. The last two weekends I had some great times and a mental break and with summer rapidly approaching and the promise of some actual SUNSHINE AND WARM WEATHER is making me feel a little more cheerful. Plus things are getting green which helps, although the hail right now isn't helping anything. Ok so the last two weekends....

Two weekends ago was TESTICLE FESTIVAL. For those of you remember my stories of the hayrack ride in the fall, this was pretty similar. We got a ride to an abandoned farm with about 20 silos, empty barns and lots of free space to run around. Vet students of all years split into teams (most named something pretty nerdy/sexual or both) and played Ag Olympics. Which for those of you who had no idea what this entailed like I did here's a synopsis: run to a picnic table, chug a pitcher of beer, wheelbarrow a partner back and forth, carry a hay barrel back and forth, hammer 2 nails, run with and egg in a spoon, and throw on coveralls, boots and a rectal sleeve :) Here are some pics:

Us racing to the beer :)
All the highlighter yellow shirts are the ones we got that say testicle festival and on the back have a picture of a bull with large ballsack saying "got balls?" hehe

Wheelbarrowing obviously

the coveralls, boots and yes, rectal sleeve. For those that don't know, people wear the sleeves for palpating cows and horses (yes up the butt)

People who won the different rounds of this fun stuff (not my group) got to lube up their hands w/ gloves on and do an egg toss and then a tug-of-war. The rest of us just enjoyed the kegs of beer and the deep fried bull's balls that the boys cooked up. Yes, real life balls. I didn't try any despite everyone trying to shove them in my mouth (thats what she said?) but I did bring a veggie burger and surprisingly the boys grilling did not give me a ton of crap about it. :) It was a great night relaxing and running around silos and we all REALLY needed it.

This past weekend was more fun...TRAILER CRAWL. I live in the trailer park next to vet school along with a LOT of other vet students and apparently there is a tradition of doing this every year during VEISHA. VEISHA is a university wide party week and each letter stands for some college-we are the V and I have no idea what the rest of the letters are. The whole week they have different activities, mostly on main campus and geared towards the undergrads and I didn't really participate in any. I wanted to go to a concert Friday night (Big Boi from Outkast) but it was SUPER COLD AND RAINY so I just hung out with friends instead on Main ST. Saturday I went to a horse riding camp and helped give vaccinations, do physical exams and float teeth-which involves filing down points that grow on horses teeth and pull loose teeth. Just in case you guys thought all I did was drink-I do some educational things every once in awhile :) ANYWAYS...TRAILER CRAWL. A huge group of vet students dressed up like total white trash and migrated to 6 different stops in the trailer park including 5 trailers and our tornado shelter as the last stop. I had so much fun dressing up....

(sorry I dont know how to flip it but you get the idea)

The shirt says HUNTING PRINCESS and I found it for $5 in the little girls section in Walmart. I know....CLASSY RIGHT??

The tatoo says slut if you cant read it...the sad thing is at least 10 people came up to me and asked it if was real. Which made me a little worried about the vibe I give off. Some dude came up licked his finger and tried to rub it off to see if it was real. :/

More pics on FB. It was a great time, at each stop they had baby pools filled with drinks to fill up our special mugs that said "Home is where I park it" :) Great times, so many funny things happened that night but the cherry on top of it was coming back to my trailer and walking in on my roommates guy friend who had been staying on our couch this weekend hooking up with his gay lover. Oy Vey. I was so pissed about them hooking up on my couch. And I got so flustered about it happening I left my keys inside and locked myself out. So I banged on my own door and started shouting "Stop having gay sex on my couch and let me in my trailer!"


How did my life become this???? hahahaha

No, seriously though. I love it. In Iowa we can laugh at ourselves and that is what is getting me through the tough days. SO excited for summer and going back home. I can't wait.

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