Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dirty Hippies

So since my friends and I are more liberal minded then about 90% of people here in Ames AND  vegetarian, most people in our class have decided we are HARDCORE hippies, along with other things like secret agents for PETA. I would gladly claim some of the labels, not so much about others. So for our winterfest-which is like a winter formal party for the vet school- it happens to have a lipsync contest and we really decided to go all out.  Last year we did the Anchorman version of Afternoon Delight complete with facial hair and didnt win so we wanted to kick up the ridiculous scale.

So we ribbon danced (barefoot for me of course) to The Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel.

I mean who would pass up the chance to do that for THREE minutes (which feels like forever) in front of their professional collegues and some professors?

Not I.

We didn't win but it was so greatly awkward and fun.


  1. oh how I wish I could see you in all of your ribbon dancing glory. Way to hippie it up :) xoxox

  2. Did you click on the link-the words 'ribbon danced'? Or are you just saying see it in person? And thanks!:)

  3. Vanna, that was just lovely :)