Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I remember...

I'm a few weeks back into my 2nd half of my 2nd year and I'm finally remembering why I like being in this spot. It got lost last semester but after some good lectures of other vets-outside of academia-that still like their jobs (one got to chop off basically 1/2 a dogs skull and it LIVED), wrestling w/ some sheep to see the babies growing inside them, and getting a decent (if temporary) grip on schoolwork, I'm back to being alright with waking up in the morning and facing down a day in the Vetmed building that defines my life right now.  It also helps I had an awesome vacation away seeing all my favorite people in Tucson and getting to experience 4 awesome days in Portland through my friends' eyes.  Ames wasn't such a dreaded sight on the flight in as the flight out.  Plus, my Dad is walking with only a crutch now, Bart is healthy, and I have the awesome prospect in little over a months time of seeing one of my best friends marry her love surrounded by more best friends.

Our schedule actually allows for some free afternoons, a sleep-in 3 times a week (until 8am babay!) and the electives are much more interesting. Its nice to feel like a human being, not a drone, and to be excited about learning. Aaaand the further I go from here on out, the more interesting electives and less snoozefests I can take! And I get to touch more animals that are intact and ALIVE. :)  In the meantime, during the snoozefests, I watch a new momma bear Jewel and her cubs (when you can sneak a pic) in their den-I had no idea bears were so active during hibernation!

 I've been having some real issues with trying to decide what to do with my LAST summer (GASP!). I applied for a cow externship for 4 weeks, had a very realistic dream that I got it (bummer to wake up to) but I don't actually find out for another few weeks. Other options include helping with a research project here in Ames which has lots of pros ($$- lots of it, mentor in school, research paper to brag about, blah blah) for my future professional career but my kid and selfish selves are having some trouble adjusting to the idea of ONE week of vacation. THE WHOLE SUMMER. Otherwise its begging for a job somewhere (literally anywhere) or bumming around and volunteering where ever I can.  My lazy self is starting to think the last one is looking more scrumptious as time goes on since it requires little work at the moment.  Hopefully I will find a way to make this last throwback to childhood a memorable one and join the real world like every other grown up without regrets :)

Afternoons free of labs hopefully means more time for blogging :) here's to hoping for some free/ME time this semester. And ideas for what to do with my last summer are appreciated and welcomed! <3

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